Specialists in building branded online directories, media kits, microsites, and eMarketing programs that are cost-effective -- and drive revenue and leads.

IMS’s directory, media kit, advertiser microsite and lead-gen system is designed to bypass the limitations of traditional off-the-shelf software -- and the lengthy turnaround time of internal digital teams. Our turn-key system provides clients with an advanced, flexible, on-demand solution that can be creatively branded -- and comes loaded with many compelling advantages, easy-to-use administrative tools, and lead-generation features to develop a wide range of full-featured websites.

Powerful Advertiser Lead-Gen Products, Services & Tools:

LeadSync manages, aggregates, electronically distributes and fulfills advertiser leads and reports on ALL advertiser lead activity in ONE place.

RMI "Request More Information" button turns websites and your digital content into powerful advertising lead-gen machines.

Print on Demand the volumes you need, when you need them. No need to spend large amounts of your printing budget well in advance on materials you don’t need to send out now.

And check out our full range of automated advertiser lead-generation services too

A Leading Web Content Management System With Tons of Advanced, Flexible Features

Our unique online proprietary system is hosted and maintained by a full-scale internal team of project managers, graphic designers, and I.T. professionals. We work with clients to conceive, develop and deploy a wide range of cost-effective promotional web sites and eMarketing solutions, all supported by a robust back-end response tracking system.

Reference These Other IMS Products and Services To Help Research, Plan and Benchmark Your Digital, Print, Advertiser Lead-Gen and Ad-Tracking Strategy.

Advertiser Lead Generation, Capture & Push Products & Services
Numerous products designed to allow publishers to unleash the power of their franchise, using the web and other means, to generate sales leads for their advertisers.  Ensure that your sales reps, and others, are able to leverage successful lead generating programs into pages of advertising.

Open 4 / eBasket
Is North America's largest magazine ad-tracking service, with an advertiser-activity database across 2,500+ magazines. Over 6,500 users from over 1,800 magazine clients access our data each month through our one-of-a-kind, point & click, web-based software called eBasket.

Successful prospecting of digital recruiters often means knowing where to begin looking... Compass manages a massive amount of Internet job board data and makes it easy to digest information by both a channel or within a vertical marketplace; thus, less research on a sales reps part and more time selling.   Simply put, no other online recruitment tool exists today that is as easy to use, has a many rich features and offers an organization and its sales team this much efficiency and access to crystal clear data

Media Health Watch
A free insight into the health of the magazine publishing industry in the U.S.A.   Media Health Watch is a complementary database of advertising activity, broken down by market that takes place in both business-to-business and consumer magazines in the USA that are monitored by IMS. This database is updated daily and reflects the data collected the previous day.

Now companies and advertising agencies can evaluate their campaigns and determine how well they stack up against the competition. It's also a fantastic must have dynamic tool for ad agencies when pitching new business.  In addition, it helps advertising agencies and companies prepare media plans too.

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